Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stone work almost done

Today the masons finished up most of the stone work on the front of the house.

They will also be using the same stone to build a "base" around the bottom of the posts on the porch and on the fireplace.

We have finished the gas plumbing, electrical work, and fire sprinkler tests. I also finished putting in a chandelier lift in the great room which will allow us to raise and lower the chandelier to clean it and change the bulbs. It was a lot of work to install, but I'm not sure how else we would be able to reach that high to change the bulbs after we move in.

I ended up having to reinstall the water lines that run from the street to the house. Our plumber predicted that the standard 1" diameter of pipe we used wouldn't be sufficient to maintain water pressure if we had more than one fixture running at once. Also, the pressure rating on the pipe was less than he recommended and he felt it would give us problems down the road. I felt it was better to redo it now with 1.5" 200 psi line rather than after we have all of our landscaping done. It was a full weekend of work with a rented excavator and another hard lesson learned.

I've started putting in the low voltage lines (phone/network, cable TV, speaker wire, and alarm system). I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend so that we can get insulation and drywall up soon. It feels like I have a million miscellaneous things to finish up before drywall, so I am spending all of my free time at the site. It will be a lot easier to work late once I get some light fixtures powered up. Supposedly we will have our permanent power in a couple of weeks.