Saturday, October 4, 2008

Insulation, Drywall and more

For some reason it feels like things are moving slowly, but when I look at my last post I see that a lot of things have gotten done.

The stone work is complete. I thought I had pictures of the new post bases on the front of the house, but I guess not. I do have a picture of the fireplace though.

The deck decking is all down as well. We ended up using a composite material from Monarch Exotics. I am hoping to get started on the railings soon. You can see the outside of the fireplace in this picture as well.
We received the majority of our cabinets and will receive the master bath cabinets on Monday. There are a boatload of them, and it wasn't fun schlepping them down to the basement for storage. They pretty much use up all the space in the basement.

All of the insulation and drywall is complete. We went with a level 4 smooth wall instead of having a texture. That took a little extra time due to the extra sanding and mudding that was required, but it turned out great. Now we just have to be careful not to ding it all up.

All of the in floor radiant heat tubes are in and we will be pouring an inch and a half of gypcrete over the entire floor early next week. This picture shows the tubes in the kitchen part way through installation.

And finally, the cedar ceiling liner is being installed in the great room. Pretty much everyone hates working on the ceiling of our great room because it's so high up, but fortunately our framers don't seem to mind. Instead of tackling this task myself, I decided to hire them to come back and help out.

Since the painters start in about a week, we finalized all the paint colors for each room. Having to pick out room colors for our new daughter due in January reminds me that we really have to get this house done soon!